Ranking 5 prospects most likely to be Chicago Bears draft pick

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The Chicago Bears are in a good spot sitting in the top ten. The feeling is that three, and potentially four quarterbacks are going to get drafted, leaving the team with one of their five top options. Beyond that, there really is not a set consensus, so mostly anyone in that top five could be there. The odds that Will Anderson falls to nine are low, but any other prospect could be in play.

With that in mind, who are the five players most likely to be drafted by the Chicago Bears with the ninth overall pick.

5. Chicago Bears will debate Peter Skoronski in the 2023 NFL draft

One of the first names linked to the Chicago Bears has been Peter Skoronski. To be fair, that is mainly because the Northwestern pro day was one of the first on the circuit this year. Still, the Bears sent the house to meet, greet, and workout Skoronski.

There are some other Northwestern guys worth seeing, but it is clear that they wanted to get a vibe for what type of person Skoronski is. There is no doubt that he is going to be in play for the ninth pick.

He is probably regarded as the safest prospect, and he has the fewest question marks on tape. Skoronski would be the hometown kid that fans would immediately flock to.

The only reason he is not a lock for number nine is his arm length and question of whether he should play guard. Arm length is not something he can improve in the NFL, so it will always follow him, and limit his upside. On the flip side, at guard, his upside remains uncapped. Do the Chicago Bears view him as a guard or tackle? If they view him as a guard, do they view the potential best guard in the league as being worthy of a top-ten pick, or do they think that tackle is just more valuable to take a chance on? We will see soon.