Ranking 5 prospects most likely to be Chicago Bears draft pick

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Chicago Bears, Lukas Van Ness
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3. Is Lukas VanNess a sleeper for the Chicago Bears?

It is hard to say for sure that Lukas Van Ness is a top-five or six player in the draft class. The Chicago Bears would have to believe that for this to be realistic. I am not saying I think that, but I could easily see the Chicago Bears think that.

The top ten is about taking a home run swing. The good players in college can be fine in the NFL, but the freaks of nature are the guys who dominate the NFL. Van Ness is one of those players that we may look back and realize we just saw the tip of the iceberg.

Below you can see how he compares to your standard edge rusher from past NFL combines.

The bench press is low, but that is so easy to excuse when your arms are as long as Van Ness has. The most important things to look at are the height, weight, length, 40, and agility such as 3-cone and shuttles.

To be that size, and move that good is stunning. The 3-cone is so valuable for pass rushers because it shows who can bend and change directions without losing speed. For an edge rusher who needs to turn the corner around elite tackles, they need to excel here. For Van Ness to put up an elite time at such a heavyweight, and being so much taller than others is freaky.

His tape is inconsistent, but he has moments against Skoronski, and Ohio State left tackle Paris Johnson that make you see just how good he can be. The Chicago Bears have such an obvious need here, they love the inside-outside versatility, and they love the power he plays with. I am just saying it is still more realistic than some may think.