Ranking 5 prospects most likely to be Chicago Bears draft pick

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Chicago Bears, Broderick Jones
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2. Will the Chicago Bears rank Broderick Jones high in the 2023 NFL draft?

The Chicago Bears went straight from the Northwestern pro day to the Georgia pro day. It was interesting to see that some buzz was brewing around Broderick Jones being the top tackle in the 2023 NFL draft. Considering the Bears saw both up close, they may agree.

We noted the flaws of Skoronski, they are the opposite of Jones. Broderick Jones is raw. However, his body, his length, and his potential is the highest in the entire class. He has all of the physical tools, he is just not there yet technically, and it makes sense because this was his first full season as a starter,

He fits the mold of a player who gets in an NFL weight room and takes off. He can add a little power, and once he gets his stance right, it is over. Jones is aggressive as anyone in the run game, and some of his best highlight tape comes 10 yards down the field pulling in space. When it hits with him, the peaks are stronger than Skoronski. The missed come more frequently though, so the team has to decide for a bigger swing or a safer hit.