Ranking 5 prospects most likely to be Chicago Bears draft pick

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1. Paris Johnson Jr. is perfect for the Chicago Bears

You could almost say that the debate between Broderick Jones and Peter Skoronski is not worth it because the right answer is Paris Johnson. Johnson has a little bit of the best of both worlds. His tape is more consistent, like Skoronski, but is not as flashy as Jones.

Still, he does have the upside that Skoronski does not, mainly because his arm length is over 3" longer. Johnson is even a good bit longer than Broderick Jones, who checks every box in measurements.

Johnson can add a little power to his punch and can be a bit better with his anchor. Still, like Jones, this is his first full season starting. So, he is not as refined as Skoronski but may be a bit more technically ready than Jones.

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The Chicago Bears were just at the Ohio State Pro day, and after all three of the top tackles worked out, he may have the lasting impressions. An Ohio State tackle for the Ohio State quarterback could be the fit for a long time coming.