Did Chicago Bears give away draft plans with this comment?

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Once the Chicago Bears traded back to number nine in the 2023 NFL draft, it opened up a long list of the possibilities for what the team could do. After free agency, the list of needs started to narrow. Still, there were plenty of options that the team can take, especially if quarterbacks go high in the draft.

Are Chicago Bears drafting a LT at #9?

The combination of free agency, the draft board, and needs on the roster seem to have the team set to draft a tackle in the top ten. The big issue with that is they really need a right tackle, and the best options at pick nine would be at left tackle. Do the Chicago Bears draft someone to move them over, or do they move Braxton Jones over after one good year?

The answer was quite simple to Matt Eberflus.

Matt Ebeflus could have easily sat there and said that Braxton Jones did a great job at left tackle, and he is their future at left tackle. He did not do that in the least. That is because the odds are very high that he is going to move to right tackle after the Chicago Bears draft a left tackle.

The reality is that the team has no idea what will happen with their next pick at 53rd, but they do have a good feel about how the top nine will break. A lot of the teams above them actually have a tackle, and need a quarterback, It is likely going to have Chicago debating between the top tackles in the class.

They know this, and they know that if they commit to Braxton Jones, it will set up for disappointment. In fact, letting him know privately as soon as possible is for the best. If they called him after the Ohio State pro day and said that Paris Johnson checked their boxes, and they plan to draft him then Braxton Jones could be a month into right tackle work by the time they actually turn in the card.

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The team made it clear they are not drafting quarterback, running back or wide receiver. Tight end, and linebacker appear of the board. Maybe they go defensive line, but it is starting to get super obvious that the Chicago Bears will have a new franchise left tackle about this time next month.