3 Running back options to replace David Montgomery in the 2023 NFL Draft

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3rd Best RB Prospect for the Chicago Bears: Jahmyr Gibbs, Alabama

Jahmir Gibbs who is the highest projected runningback I will cover in this article by quite a large margin is highly projected for a very good reason. Gibbs was a great running back for Georgia Tech and was already on my radar before transferring to Alabama.

Gibbs has always had the talent to be a high-caliber NFL player, but transferring to Alabama took his game to the next level. Getting experience at Alabama molded him into a more complete back, especially in pass protection, which he improved at greatly throughout the year with more reps. Being coached by Nick Saban taught him how to be a pro, and how to be more than a dynamic talent.

Gibbs is projected to be a late first-round pick or early second and even though he isn’t my favorite option for the Bears because of his price tag. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Bears drafted Gibbs to headline their rush-first offense in the long term. Despite improving at Alabama, Gibbs still isn’t the best pass protector in the world, but his upside makes it a risk team will be willing to take. Gibbs has drawn many comparisons to Alvin Kamara during his brief stint in the SEC because of his pass-catching ability, homerun speed, and big play ability.