3 Running back options to replace David Montgomery in the 2023 NFL Draft

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2nd Best RB Prospect for the Chicago Bears: Eric Gray, Oklahoma

In terms of pure fit, Gray is the best option available, Gray has one of the best-receiving skillsets in the draft largely due to being the heart of Lincoln Riley’s pass-first, air raid offense. In addition to having great receiving abilities, Gray recently sharpened up his rushing abilities in his last season as a sooner when he got over 200 carries, which is by far the most of his career. 

Gray’s vision and ability to start and stop on a dime will be his best friends at the next level as his vision is no joke. Gray excels at optimizing yardage in open space which comes from his running philosophy of always trying to stay vertical. Despite his tremendous and daring vision, Gray never digs himself into his own hole by running backward. 

Gray reminds me a lot of Austin Ekeler largely in part because of how comfortable he is catching the ball, and also because of how seamlessly he can change directions and plant his foot in the ground and move upfield. Gray’s vision also gives him a complementary higher floor as a prospect so there isn’t a ton of taking a chance on Gray early on day three.