Chicago Bears Draft: Ryan Poles needs to follow Bills' GM Brandon Beane's advice

The Chicago Bears have a decision to make about the quarterback. Brandon Beane gives Ryan Poles some advice on the Justin Fields and Caleb Williams situation.

Chicago Bears, Brandon Beane
Chicago Bears, Brandon Beane / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages

The 2024 NFL Combine is underway. We have heard from general managers and head coaches. Players started speaking to the media already and now some of the events are underway for certain position groups. We have specifically heard from Matt Eberflus and Ryan Poles. The quarterback situation has been the talk of the Combine. What will Poles do with Justin Fields and the first-overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft? Well, Brandon Beane has some advice for Poles and the Chicago Bears.

At the beginning of the week, while talking to the media, Brandon Beane — general manager of the Buffalo Bills — gave us one of the best soundbites this offseason.

"We got criticized a little bit for how much we gave up for Josh [Allen]. And I am like, well, if he does not work out, I am not going to be here anyway. And if he does work out, nobody is going to give a $h!#"

Brandon Beane, Buffalo Bills GM

Now, this was not direct advice to Ryan Poles, but it was related to a question about teams moving up to grab a quarterback. Reporters were even trying to get him to divulge in their pre-draft process that led to them taking Josh Allen, but he said that was too long ago to remember. He probably didn't want to give away too much of their pre-draft process, but his quote is exactly what Ryan Poles needs to hear.

It is already known that I am still a Justin Fields believer. I also believe he will have a better career if he ends up on another roster in 2024. Poles said he wants to do right by Fields and trading him at this point is probably best for everyone. If Poles takes the words that Beane said on Tuesday — "Well if he does not work out, I'm not going to be here anyway. And if he does work out, nobody is going to give a $h!#" — and applies it to the Chicago Bears quarterback situation it leans toward Caleb Williams.


For the Fields fans saying, "but you can apply that to either one." Not really. We have seen what Fields brings to the NFL already and if Poles keeps him and the Chicago Bears continue to miss the playoffs, then Poles probably doesn't get another shot at a rookie quarterback. If he takes Williams (or another prospect), he extends the length of his grace period. If he doesn't work out, he won't be here anyway, but if he does work out, nobody is going to care (as said by Beane).