Top 3 Chicago Bears duds against Green Bay Packers in Week #1

The Chicago Bears lost to the Green Bay Packers once again. Who is to blame?

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Another season and another loss to the Green Bay Packers in an opening night game. This one was supposed to feel different, but so many for the Chicago Bears were supposed to feel different and simply do not. So, now the question is who is to blame and what for?

3. Matt Eberflus had a Chicago Bears team that did not reflect his image

This season was supposed to show us exactly what Matt Eberflus and his team were. He spent a year instilling his culture and then an offseason bringing in his type of guys. The Bears have made questionable decisions in the draft and free agency because of fit in the system as well as fits with culture. So, what did we see?

First off, a couple of personal fouls, a couple of false starts, and overall seven penalties for 61 yards. The Chicago Bears were sloppy in this game, which goes against everything that Eberflus talked about. They did not hustle; they did not defend the run well, and they did not look like anything Eberflus mentioned when he talked about his team.

Worse than that, the two big free agent signings obviously were tied to Eberflus. He was the former linebackers coach, and he has always built his defense around that position. Adding Tremaine Edmunds and T.J. Edwards was clearly something he wanted, and they were supposed to be the keys to the entire defense.

In week one, the Packers took advantage. The Philadelphia Eagles drafted Jalen Carter because they win up front and make guys like TJ Edwards look good. The Chicago Bears signed Edwards. he is not behind a good front, and he got exposed for a touchdown. This is the issue, and it all goes back to Matt Eberflus.