5 Chicago Bears who may have earned a roster spot in preseason week one

The Chicago Bears had some fringe players improve their case for making the roster in 2023

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Chicago Bears, Travis Bell
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3. Travis Bell is right on the edge of the Chicago Bears roster

Former seventh-round pick Travis Bell is right on the fringe of the Chicago Bears roster. He is obviously behind Gervon Dexter, Zacch Pickens, Justin Jones, and Andrew Billings on the depth chart, so the question is more about whether the team keeps a fifth lineman and less about whether he can jump anyone on the depth chart.

So, he is essentially battling other positions. For Bell, the question is more about just how raw he is versus his upside. The first thought was that he is so raw that he would not need to make the roster, and would circle to the practice squad.

However, a sack in his NFL debut says he may have the upside that warrants keeping him on the roster. He was drafted, so there has to be interest from other teams, and if he plays like he did Sunday, he is the type of player teams will take a shot on. Still, he has two weeks to go. He is not a lock yet, but he is trending that way,