Top 3 reasons for Chicago Bears fans to be pessimistic

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Darnell Wright, Chicago Bears
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2. Chicago Bears pieces around Justin Fields sound better on paper

All of the talk this offseason is about the Chicago Bears finally putting pieces around Justin Fields and allowing him a chance to succeed. By the end of this season, fans believe that we will know if Fields is the man, or if he had another season with question marks, despite the pieces being better.

However, while it is fair that the pieces will be better, there is a question of whether this is overstated. On the offensive line, they love Darnell Wright, but he is a rookie. Beyond that, center is going to be a competition, and Teven Jenkins has to move again, so it is not a lock that things are better.

Roschon Johnson and D'onta Foreman could be better than David Montgomery, but they have two guys and there is still a chance that neither is. Tyler Scott was a fourth-round rookie and should not have a huge impact. That is unless Chase Claypool struggles, and we know that is possible. Also, Darnell Mooney and his foot injury may be more serious than some think, and it could cut into training camp.

So, you can paint the picture that Moore, Mooney, and Claypool is as good as Fields has had and the names on the offensive line are better than last year. However, it is not as solid on paper as some fans may want it to be, and it may take some time to gel the line. This could cut into the overall potential and upside the Chicago Bears present.