Chicago Bears fantasy football: 3 concerning stats for Khalil Herbert

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Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert
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1. Khalil Herbert gives the Chicago Bears nothing in the passing game

The biggest knock against Khalil Herbert is that he does not provide in the passing game. All of his catches are at or near the line, and he does not even run screens well. Beyond that, he misses assignments and does not have strength as a pass protector.

Aside from the age and injury status, one reason David Montgomery got paid and D'onta Foreman did not is that the same issues with Herbert can be applied to Foreman. Still, the Chicago Bears handled that.

Travis Homer played 81% of his snaps on passing downs for the Seahawks, and even a good chunk of those was as a pass protector. Beyond that, blocking was actually one of the top traits mentioned with Roschon Johnson when they drafted him. The Chicago Bears are not anticipating Khalil Herbert improving as a pass catcher, and they are doing something about it.

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The initial thought was that if Herbert could improve in this area, the Chicago Bears have a steal and a legitimate threat. However, now he is out on passing downs, he is probably not going to cut into the snaps Montgomery had last season, and he may even start to lose some of the snaps he was getting before as well. That is a tough break for a player who was so electric given his chances.

Still, this mkaes it tough for a fantasy football fan to invest.