5 Chicago Bears fighting for their roster chances this summer

Two offensive lineman and two defenders highlight our list of players fighting for their chances to stay on the Chicago Bears roster

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All of the talk throughout the summer will be about Justin Fields, Tremaine Edmunds, D.J. Moore, and Darnell Wright. However, while the Chicago Bears season will come down to those big names, the players who have jobs on the line in training camp are a bit further down the depth chart.

They are not discussed as much, but these are the players right on the edge of the 53-man roster. A good week could push them onto the roster. Which players need it the most?

5. Will Kindle Vildor make the Chicago Bears 53-man roster

When the Chicago Bears drafted Tyrique Stevenson, we all knew that it was on. The team started Kindle Vildor last season on the outside, but he struggled at times, and they knew that they had to upgrade which is why they went out and made a second-round pick.

However, when the Chicago Bears drafted Terrell Smith in the fifth round, that is when Kindle Vildor went from being a potential starter to potentially losing his roster spot altogether, the reality is that the top two cornerbacks on the outside will be Stevenson and Jaylon Johnson. Meanwhile, the backup on the outside will be Terell Smith, then when you look at the slot cornerbacks, you would have Kyler Gordon starting, and Josh Blackwell would be the backup.

So when you count three start starting options on the outside, and there are two slide options on the inside, you have five players who may be ahead of Kindle Vildor on the Chicago Bears cornerback depth chart. This is going to be an issue for Vildor to make the roster. The Chicago Bears could certainly keep six cornerbacks, but at that point, the competition comes down to Vildor against other positions and not necessarily against other cornerbacks.

Special teams will come into consideration here so this is going to be a major summer for Kindle Vildor he's going to have to prove himself in the preseason, and he's going to have to earn a roster spot in ways that he did not have to in previous seasons.