5 Chicago Bears fighting for their roster chances this summer

Two offensive lineman and two defenders highlight our list of players fighting for their chances to stay on the Chicago Bears roster

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Doug Kramer, Chicago Bears
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3. Does Doug Kramer bring enough to the Chicago Bears to make the cut?

The Chicago Bears drafted Doug Kramer last season, but it was a lost season, all things considered. He was injured about two or three plays into his career and tried to gut it out but failed to in the preseason.

Kramer struggled in that game and ended up on the season-ending IR. Now he's back in year two, and his roster status is up in the air. He's going to battle for his roster life if he wants to have a chance to make it this season.

If he does not make it this season, it's hard to see if the momentum will carry him into making it for another season. When you look at the Chicago Bears depth chart, You see that Cody Whitehair is the starting center, and Lucas Patrick is the clear backup behind him, but then there is a question about the third center.

Still, the issue is that not many teams would carry a third Center. Dieter Eiselen has a chance to make the roster as a third center, but he also has a chance to make it because of his guard versatility. Doug Kramer does not have that guard versatility, so it is going to be an uphill battle for him.

Still, between Whitehair and Lucas Patrick, they have two guys with a serious history of injuries and two guys who are not established as centers yet if Doug Kramer can make a serious run this off-season, he could try to make up the roster as the second center or he could show enough versatility.