Local Chicago Bears beat reporter makes a shocking statement about the coaching staff

Shockingly, one local Chicago Bears beat reporter makes a declaration that he believes the current coaching staff deserves another shot to right the ship next season.

Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages

Whenever I drive without the wife and kids, I listen to both 670 the Score and ESPN Chicago. As someone who takes the Metra to work downtown, it is somewhat rare that I am in the car alone outside of the 15-minute drive to and from the train station three days per week. Last night, on the way home, I tuned into 670 the Score because they were talking about the Chicago Bears. They had Hub Arkush on, someone I used to enjoy listening to when I was younger. As I tuned in, I was instantly put off by one very shocking declaration by Arkush.

Hub Arkush said, and I am paraphrasing as I couldn't get the exact quote since I was driving, that he hopes the coaching staff gets another crack at turning this around next year. He talked about how they have grown and improved from 2022 to 2023 and improved since the start of the season.

There is no way the Chicago Bears should retain Matt Eberflus

Really, Hub? I'll admit they have improved in some areas. The defense is currently second in rushing yards allowed per game. That is an impressive improvement over the 2022 season. Last year, the team allowed 157.3 yards per game — second worst in the NFL. Now, however, the team is only allowing 79.5 yards per game. A big part of this change has to do with the addition of Andrew Billings at defensive tackle. I will give Matt Eberflus some credit here too, but if you look at the talent on this roster, it's vastly underachieving.

They are still last in sacks and pressure percentage for the season. Yannick Ngakoue, a defensive end who has never had a season below eight, currently has only three. Could he find a way to get five more sacks before the end of the season? Sure. Is it likely the way the defensive front is playing? Doubtful. These are just some of the issues going on. Everyone wants to focus on the wins and losses when discussing Justin Fields, but in reality, wins are not a QB stat. It is however a big factor when looking at a coaching staff.

How can Hub Arkush want Matt Eberflus and company back in 2024 when the team has a record of 6-22 while under his tenure? How can Arkush think Matt Eberflus should remain the head coach when the team has yet to beat a divisional opponent? How can he think Eberflus should stick around when the team has yet to win back-to-back games?


The team, including the coaching staff, deserves a bit of a pass for 2022. Ryan Poles tore the roster down to the bare minimum. He shipped out some of the top talent on the roster and isn't finished building the roster up the way it needs to be. However, with the weak schedule the Chicago Bears had this season and the influx of talent — admittedly still not a complete team — the Bears should have more than three wins. Matt Eberflus and this roster continue to underachieve and anyone who thinks they deserve another chance is out of their mind.