4 ex-Bears who are still free agents

Chicago Bears, Nick Foles
Chicago Bears, Nick Foles / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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4. Nick Foles, QB

Once upon a time, Ryan Pace thought Nick Foles was the answer to Bears fans' prayers. In an offseason where the team clearly needed to put some pressure on the back of Mitchell Trubisky, it was Foles whom the Bears opted to pursue.

Pace and the Bears traded a fourth-round pick to acquire Foles, who would go on to start eight games in two years, going 3-5 and throwing 11 touchdowns to eight interceptions. He was certainly not the answer the Bears were looking for, and fans are still angry about losing that fourth-round pick, to this day.

Following his stint with the Bears, Foles played the 2022 season with the Indianapolis Colts before remaining unsigned through this point of the 2023 campaign. Of course, he is well-known for his run with the Eagles that saw him earn a Super Bowl MVP a few years back.

But, aside from that magical run with Philadelphia, Foles has been average at best. Still, he could provide value as a backup. Yet, he remains a free agent.