Chicago Bears Free Agency: Identifying the best offensive free agents at each position

Chicago Bears, Jawaan Taylor
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When we look at the Chicago Bears roster, it has plenty of holes throughout. If we were to try and predict how many starters are on this roster, we would fall short by at least eight players. Not every position will be addressed this offseason -- at least not from a starting standpoint. Depth is just as important as injuries occur on a weekly basis in the NFL.

I decided to go through and determine which players in free agency would be considered the best option for the Chicago Bears at each position. I'll list a few key free agents and pick who I believe is the best option. Let's get started with the quarterback position.

The Chicago Bears could move on from Trevor Siemian for a veteran QB

Should Ryan Poles decide to move on from Trevor Siemian, there are a few interesting options that the Chicago Bears could consider in free agency.

  • Marcus Mariota
  • Carson Wentz
  • Mike White
  • Kyle Allen
  • Tyler Heinicke
  • Gardner Minshew

There are two names on this list that I would be interested in having on the roster in 2023. Marcus Mariota or Gardner Minshew. Both quarterbacks are coming out of backup roles, but also have played and stepped up as the starter when needed. Both quarterbacks are mobile, but Mariota is most similar to Justin Fields with his legs. Minshew has the deep ball that resembles Justin Fields -- granted not as accurate. He just backed up Jalen Hurts in Philadelphia and could back up Fields in 2023.

My Bears Choice: Gardner Minshew

Honestly, keeping Trevor Siemian is probably the best way to go. However, if the team wants to find a quarterback who better resembles Justin Fields' type of play, then Gardner Minshew is my guy and won't cost much.