4 Chicago Bears free agents most likely to return in 2024

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2. Will the Chicago Bears re-sign Justin Jones?

The decision for the Chicago Bears to sign Justin Jones or let him walk will be interesting. First, the Bears drafted two defensive tackles, Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens, knowing that Jones would likely be gone this year. They wanted to upgrade with youth.

However, through their rookie years, neither were able to push Jones off of the field. Jones did not have a great year, either, so there is a question of how much Pickens and Dexter can bring next year, especially Pickens. 

More than that, with those two and Andrew Billings, they will want to bring in a fourth defensive tackle. 

Jones likes what the Bears are building. Would it be smart for him to sign for a bit less to be a role player rather than the starter that he was this year? Or should he look to maximize his value on the open market? Do the Bears trust Dexter and Pickens to be better than Jones this year? Or would they feel better running the same group back?