5 free agents that could give Bears new life in the New Year

Chicago Bears, Brian Burns
Chicago Bears, Brian Burns / Kara Durrette/GettyImages
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5. Chris Jones, DT

Finally, this would be a move that the Bears only make if they think they're true contenders in 2024, which is asking quite a lot. The main reason this should only happen if the Bears are contenders? Chris Jones is going on his age-30 season next year.

The Bears' defense has made major strides this season and looks mostly intact for next year, but the defensive line still needs some work. Hopefully, the Bears let go of veteran Justin Jones and look at giving more time to guys like Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens, along with Andrew Billings.

Adding a veteran like Jones would be quite the statement, though. He is one of the most dominant interior linemen in the game today, being able to affect games in both the pass and run game. Jones is a key anchor in the Chiefs' defense, and had he not gotten a deal worked out with Kansas City this year, that defense would look a whole lot different.

It appears unlikely the Bears would make a signing like this, but again, it would signal that this franchise is all-in on winning right now. It might sound crazy to think that, but the signs of improvement are certainly there. It all depends on what the team does offensively, going forward.