3 fringe Bears players who will make the roster, 2 who won't

What will happen with those guys at the tail end of Chicago's roster come Week 1?
Chicago Bears, Velus Jones Jr.
Chicago Bears, Velus Jones Jr. / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Velus Jones Jr. and Equanimeous St. Brown will make the Bears roster

Let's start with the questionable name, here, in last year's third-round pick Velus Jones Jr. Many fans wondered just what Ryan Poles was doing when he drafted Jones. He felt like more of a gadget type player than an actual wide receiver, plus his age was concerning. Coming into the league as a 25-year-old rookie, and only having one real big season of production in college, were definitely reasons to be concerned.

But, Poles is not going to give up on Jones just yet, even if he makes the roster as the last wideout on the depth chart. Call it an ego move, if you will, and that's just fine. It very well could be an ego move, but there likely isn't a single NFL general manager who would admit failure on a third-round pick this quickly, even if it's the right call.

Meanwhile, Equanimeous St. Brown was one of the first guys the Bears re-signed this offseason, and for good reason. While his size is appealing as an outside threat and he can be used in creative ways on end-arounds, what St. Brown is actually best at has nothing to do with possessing the football.

St. Brown is by far and away the Bears' best blocking wide receiver, and that skill came into play several times last season. It was that noticeable, even from the average fan. The Bears need a guy like that, with the attitude and effort he possesses in that realm. St. Brown isn't going anywhere, and will probably be the fifth wideout on the roster.