Chicago Bears 7-Round Mock Draft 2.0: Bolstering the trenches

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The NFL Draft will take place exactly a month from Monday the 27th, and like all teams, the Bears have a lot at stake. Especially because they are one of the teams in the bottom half of the league and need to fill a lot of the holes they opted not to in the early free agency stage. 

The Bears need to fill the most significant holes with the defensive line and offensive line. As it stands, the Bears need a right tackle and a center, and on the other side of the ball, they probably need two linemen on the defensive side. 

Another need that people may argue the Bears need to add some cornerbacks to the roster, but I don’t see it. Kindle Vildor currently stands as the odd man out as the Bears might be transitioning to a scheme where they primarily only use two cornerbacks on the field, based on their abundant amount of linebacker signings this offseason. This leaves them in a good spot.

Chicago Bears build through the trenches in this seven-round mock draft

Jaylon Johnson looks to be a long-term solution to anyone’s defensive back core, and Kyler Gordon is certainly a lock to getting a good amount of playing time in his sophomore season. If Vildor is your backup that means you’re in a solid position as I believe he is good enough to start on a lot of teams. 

If the Bears want to add a traditional, smaller, slot corner to play in nickel coverages I believe that their best bet is to do it in the later rounds or in free agency, not in the first round.