The Chicago Bears trade down in the first round again in this full 2023 mock draft

Chicago Bears, Paris Johnson, Jr.
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Chicago Bears, Clark Phillips III
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Ryan Poles goes back to the defense in the third round

3rd Round | 64th Pick | Clark Phillips, III - CB - Utah

If you recall, I thought about going corner in the first round. I think corner is a very underrated need of this team as the Chicago Bears only have two that can be counted on - Jaylon Johnson and Kyler Gordon. I am not one to think Kindle Vildor can be anything worth while in this league, but he is at least average. As of now, he'd be the third option at corner.

If Ryan Poles does not add any corners in free agency prior to the draft, I fully expect the Bears to select one at some point. I have a few guys in this range who I find to be all about equal. I use tiered rankings and these guys are all in the same tier for me - Clark Phillips, III, DJ Turner, Kyu Blu Kelly and Deonte Banks. I went with Phillips, the guy who has a knack for getting the football. This is something Matt Eberflus highly values in his defensive players.

In 2022, Phillips snagged six footballs for Utah. He has experience lining up in both the slot and the outside. He is better suited for the outside, but I think he'd make a solid scheme fit. I'll leave it up to the coaching staff to decide who should play the outside corner spot and who should play nickel between Phillips and Kyler Gordon. Phillips is quick and does a great job reading the quarterback. He moves his hips well and isn't rigid. If he's available at this point in the draft, he's a no-brainer.