5 things we learned about Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles draft weekend

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The second draft with Ryan Poles as the Chicago Bears General Manager is now in the books. Considering the team was in such a bad spot last offseason this felt like the first real time we can see what Ryan Poles is going to do when he has a chance to improve the roster.

We learned more about Poles this weekend and off-season than we did last off-season. It helps when they not only had a first-round pick, but it was once number one and then was top ten. Now that there is more information, what are some key takeaways to expect down the road?

5. Ryan Poles stuck to best player available for the Chicago Bears

You could say that the Bears forced a right tackle in the top ten because that is the position they needed more than a left tackle. However, Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus were adamant that they had him as the top tackle in the draft, and they had him higher than Paris Johnson.

Some reports came out that there was at least debate about Johnson against Darnell Wright, but that these were the consensus top two linemen in the draft. So, that can clear up that the Chicago Bears stuck to their board and went with the best player available.

This turned into the theme throughout the weekend. When we thought they may trade up to improve the offensive line again, they went cornerback. They also went with two defensive tackles in the second round and three on the weekend. They went cornerback again later in the draft.

You can definitely argue there is a need, but double dipping comes down to the reality that these were the best players on their board. In the case of Stevenson, they traded up, so it is clear that he was valued even higher than he went. Pickens was the second defensive tackle, so we know he was their best player and the list can go on.

The Chicago Bears did this last season, and some were questioning why the team did not take a wide receiver. Ryan Poles said he took the best player on their board. He did that again, and again throughout the weekend.