5 things we learned about Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles draft weekend

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3. Chicago Bears want to meet their prospects before drafting

One of the biggest stories from Darnell Wright being drafted is that the team went down to Tennessee right before Easter and worked him out. Wright remembered that workout and said it was one of the most intense he had been in.

Ryan Poles said they threw him in the deep end to see if he would drown or float to the top, and he floated right to the top. Poles and Wright said they remembered Chris Morgan being impressed that day. The reality is that the Chicago Bears want to meet with these guys before they draft them.

They met with Tyrique Stevenson, Darnell Wright, Roschon Johnson, and Zacch Pickens at the Senior Bowl. Luke Getsy coached these players, and the staff was there all week. They brought in Tyler Scott on a pre-draft visit and even had Pickens and Stevenson in after the Senior Bowl experience.

Ryan Poles said that the pre-draft visit with Travis Bell is why the team drafted him, he could not let the person leave the building. This shows that while the tape, the numbers, and everything matters, those conversations and talks behind closed doors are what sealed the deal for Poles and company.

They passed on Jalen Carter after meeting with him and took players who checked character boxes. So, when the Chicago Bears show interest in a player, or they bring him in, or they show up to the pro day, it is because they are seriously considering them and they want to find out what type of person that is.

This is not a smoke screen and these people do not have time for smoke screens when the character and background obviously matter so much to them.