5 ways Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles has mismanged the offensive line

Ryan Poles is a former offensive line who has not built his offensive line the right way

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Lucas Patrick, Chicago Bears Offseason Workout
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3. Why the Chicago Bears even sign Lucas Patrick

The Chicago Bears made a huge mistake signing Lucas Patrick. They signed him because Luke Getsy was familiar with him. It sounds like the team signed Byron Pringle because Ryan Poles scouted him with the Chiefs or Al-Quadin Muhammad because Matt Eberflus liked to coach him. These relationship signings do not work.

The issue with Patrick is that he has been so injured that the Bears have not been able to see him struggle enough to want to replace him. They also thought he would be their reliable depth option despite not being reliable enough to play a full game since signing with the team.

Patrick missed most of training camp, spent the offseason transitioning to guard, and now he is the starting center. No wonder the line is bad. Still, anyone and everyone thought this offseason was a good time to not only cut Patrick and Whitehair, but also spend money on multiple options, so that they had depth, but also draft linemen because competition brings out the best, and injuries do happen. The lack of resources invested is rivaled by the decision to stick to emotional decisions.