5 ways Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles has mismanged the offensive line

Ryan Poles is a former offensive line who has not built his offensive line the right way

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Cole Kmet, Braxton Jones, Chicago Bears
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2. The Chicago Bears should have pushed Braxton Jones this summer

Braxton Jones was a pleasant surprise as a rookie and perhaps the one feather in the cap of Ryan Poles and his draft pedigree. Still, in the grand scheme, Jones was below average. It was just that a fifth-round rookie started and played every snap, and was not awful that made it impressive.

This is fine, but that should not have been the only answer at tackle. Right now, the only option if the team wants to move on from Jones is Larry Borom. Jones has not been that bad, although a few penalties and a bad loss to Joe Tyron-Shoyinka show that he has not been good, either.

It is fine to start him this year, but there needed to be a backup plan. A veteran who has experience and could not only push but teach Jones would have been great. Even a day-three pick on a swing tackle to push Larry Borom would have made sense.

Going into the season with Jones as plan A and no plan B in sight was a bold call, to say the least. It has not crushed the team, but it speaks to the issues in team-building.