5 ways Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles has mismanged the offensive line

Ryan Poles is a former offensive line who has not built his offensive line the right way

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Teven Jenkins, Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys
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1. The Chicago Bears did not handle the guards well

There are some truths to the reality that Nate Davis and Teven Jenkins had issues that Ryan Poles could not have predicted. A personal issue for Davis has taken a lot of time away, and Jenkins suffered an injury late in the offseason.

However, signing Davis was questionable at first because he was a right guard, and so was Jenkins. So, from the start, Ryan Poles was shifting things. Davis has had personal issues that kept him off of the field, but he also struggled in week one. This has not been an upgrade.

Jenkin's injury could not have been predicted, but Ryan Poles has been down on him the entire time and changed his positions for the second straight offseason. The issue here is that he had no depth ready to go. The plan was just to move Whitehair and start Patrick, even though everyone knew that was a bad idea. This goes back to the lack of depth.

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Even if four draft picks were dedicated to the line instead of Kyler Gordon, Noah Sewell, Velus Jones, and Roschon Johnson, the group would be so much better. These were all luxury additions at positions where the team has depth. Ryan Poles has had a couple of tough breaks, but he has not done well enough to build up this line.