Which Chicago Bears linebacker will wear the green dot?

Armond Feffer/IndyStar / USA TODAY

The Chicago Bears linebackers are in an interesting spot right now. The team obviously spent big on two names to bring in, and both of them are expected to play 100% of the snaps on defense. Both played the MIKE role last season, but it would make sense for T.J. Edwards to move over to the WILL.

Will Tremaine Edmunds or T.J. Edwards wear the green dot for the Chicago Bears?

The next question is which of the two will be the play caller of the defense. Both players were that man for their respective teams last season. That usually goes to the MIKE, but that can move around in a lot of ways, and some teams give that to their safety.

So, even if Edwards moves to the WILL, could he keep his play-calling duties? It could make sense. One reason to think that is that Edwards made his NFL career off of being the more prepared player, and the player who thinks a tick before they happen. Tremaine Edmunds is known to be a bit more reactive and uses his long limbs, and speed to take up space and make plays.

Edmunds is vocal and a leader that the players trust, so he can thrive with the green dot, but between the two you may say that Edwards is the headier player. Beyond that, taking this away from Edmunds may actually unleash more out of him. If Edwards is relaying the calls, and Edmunds is now in a mode where he is thinking less, and playing faster, the production numbers that were lagging behind may increase.

Something Bills fans discussed is that you can forgive the production because of how involved he is pre-snap. If the Chicago Bears turn that duty to Edwards, it could pay off quickly.

Considering both linebackers will be on the field so much, they do not have to worry about one of them having it, but being on the sidelines. The reality is that this should be something where both players get work in OTAs, and early into training camp. Once it is decided, they stick with it.

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Both make the case for it, but it may be best if T.J. Edwards sticks to the play calling duties.