Bears head coach Matt Eberflus could learn something from Lions coach Dan Campbell

Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

On Thanksgiving, the Lions were defeated by the Packers. The first quarter was the deciding factor as Jared Goff and the Lions looked broken. Goff fumbled the ball twice early and the Packers returned one for a touchdown. A quick 20-6 lead for the Packers helped seal the Lions fate as they lost 22-29. After the game, Dan Campell addressed the media as all head coaches in the NFL do. Chicago Bears head coach Matt Eberflus should pay attention to how Campbell answered questions and learn something from the NFC North-leading head coach.

I will be honest, I never thought Dan Campbell would amount to anything as the head coach of the Lions. I've never been a fan of the rah-rah type of coach who thinks doing workouts with their team is inspiring enough to play well on game day. After watching him on Hard Knocks in 2022, I called his antics lame and not worthy of leading an NFL team. It appears I was wrong. Campbell has won me over even if his coaching style isn't one that jives with me.

Bears head coach Matt Eberflus could learn a lesson from Dan Campbell

After the loss to the Packers, Dan Campbell was asked about the fake punt call.

"Yeah, look, that’s a bad call on me, That’s a bad call. You know, I shouldn’t have done that to those guys. That’s a bad call. It’s a bad call. On me. It is. Shouldn’t have done that."

Dan Campbell, Lions HC

Wow. How refreshing is it that a head coach takes accountability for making a bad call? That is definitely not something we have heard out of Matt Eberflus. Instead, during one of his recent press conferences, while asked about the Chicago Bears collapse vs. the Lions, Eberflus actually found a way to pat himself on the back for play calls he made weeks prior against the Saints — a game they lost by the way. I keep joking he needs a press secretary to handle his press conferences, but maybe it really isn't a joke.


All we keep hearing about is a lack of execution. Wow. I can't imagine how players would still want to play hard for a coach who never puts blame on himself and always spews a lack of execution as the reason for basically everything that goes wrong each week. That's not acceptable and Matt Eberflus should take a page out of Dan Campbell's post-game presser. This is just another reason why the Chicago Bears should plan on moving on from Eberflus at the end of the season, if not sooner.