Are Chicago Bears hinting they will not draft Jaxon Smith-Njigba

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When the Chicago Bears traded down from number to number nine, it opened up a lot of possibilities for what they will do in the NFL draft. However, as we have gotten closer to the draft it has been easier to pin down exactly where the team will go.

Chicago Bears are set at wide receiver this offseason

The first thought in trading down is that it opened the door for the team to draft Jaxon Smith-Njigba, the wide receiver from Ohio State. He may be the top wide out in the class, and he comes from Ohio State. He was a freshman and a depth wide out for Justin Fields once before, now he can grow with him.

However, when you look at the Bears' depth chart, it is hard to see them going that route, unless they think he is by far the best option left. With so many options at tackle that seems so unlikely. Beyond that, the comments that Ryan Poles made recently makes it sound as if the wide receiver corps is set moving forward. They did add D.J. Moore after all.

""The one thing I really like is, we have three different types of receivers. We've got a guy [in Claypool] who's a big body guy that can play inside/outside. We have Mooney who can separate and run vertically and make plays. Then DJ is just a strong, physical guy who can separate and make plays after the catch too. I like how everything's set up. And then you throw Cole in the mix, too. [Fields] has weapons. We have to continue to work up front and get better there, too.""

Ryan Poles

Ryan Poles is building a group, and he went out of his way to add Moore because he thought that completed the trio of guys. They have Equanimeous St. Brown, and Velus Jones, so any wide receiver will be a late-round add at best.

If the Chicago Bears did add a wideout, it would spell bad news for Chase Claypool. His 2022 was a disaster, and he is due a contract at the end of this season. Do they just make him a number four, and let him walk? The coaches do not feel that way.

They are much more excited about Chase Claypool than fans. They also view D.J. Moore as a first-round wide out in value. When you add in that Darnell Mooney was their best wide receiver last season, they are not going to draft a wide receiver on the first two days of the draft, let alone in the first round.

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With Cole Kmet, and a duo of running backs in the mix, the Bears do not have the snaps to give to anybody. Drafting Smith-Njigba would be pushing out someone they really like. On the flip side, they could draft a tackle and push out someone like Larry Borom, or a defensive lineman and push our Dominique Robinson. It is an easy decision, and they are saying as much.