The Chicago Bears make history but not in a good way

Chicago Bears, Lions
Chicago Bears, Lions / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

You may have already heard this, but last week, the Chicago Bears made NFL history and not in a good way. Fans had to be excited as they watched the Bears go up 20 to 14 in the third quarter. Justin Fields looked good returning from his injury, and the offensive line was fantastic. D'Onta Foreman going down with an injury didn't help while Khalil Herbert looked like a guy who had missed the last four weeks. With the running backs doing little to nothing late in the game and the coaches playing conservatively, the Lions came roaring back. Fans quickly saw a win slip through the team's fingers.

In the final four minutes of the game, Jared Goff and company put up 17 points to beat the Chicago Bears 31-26. What looked to be Matt Eberflus' first win against a divisional opponent, now makes him look even more inept and unfit to be the head coach of this organization. Had the Bears finished with a victory, it would have also been the first time that the Bears won back-to-back games under Eberflus. Rumors are he is on the hot seat and he very well should be.

The Chicago Bears lost in historic fashion to the Detroit Lions

The Chicago Bears found a way to lose to the Lions in a fashion that no other NFL team had done before them. Going all the way back to 1932, no team has ever lost when winning the turnover margin by 3+ and also maintaining possession of the ball for 40+ minutes. Maybe almost as surprising, over the last 91 years, this scenario has only played out 49 times. Prior to the Bears-Lions game, teams were 48-0. Now, that record stands at 48-1.

This is the sad state this organization is currently in. I know Ryan Poles was tearing things down to build it back up, but losses like this get people fired. I'm a proponent of Poles staying beyond 2023 while believing Matt Eberflus must go no matter what happens over the last six games. However, I could see the logic behind firing everyone and starting from scratch. Even if that means a complete reset at the quarterback position as well. Things are getting ugly and Chicago Bears fans are growing tired of the constant losing.