4 Bears on the hot seat in Week 16 vs. Cardinals

Time is running out, this year.

Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Coming off a crushing loss that has all but destroyed their playoff hopes, the Chicago Bears have to somehow get their minds right for a home tilt against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 16.

There are three games remaining, Bears fans. In less than a month's time, it'll be on to the offseason. It's familiar territory. We're always looking ahead, aren't we?

In the spirit of looking ahead, there are a few specific Bears who should be feeling the heat going into this weekend's game against Arizona. In fact, it's not just this weekend. It's these next three games that could alter the future of the following guys.

1. Darnell Mooney

If you've been watching Darnell Mooney, this season, and have wondered where he's been all year, you are not alone. Mooney has been severely under-utilized this season, and it isn't necessarily his doing. It also isn't necessarily a negative, either.

The offense has featured a lot of D.J. Moore and Cole Kmet in the passing game. Moore has 111 targets on the year, while Kmet has gotten 81. The next closest is indeed Mooney, with 57.

Just this last week, Mooney was the center of attention as the potential game-winning touchdown fell out of his hands as time expired. It's not how the play was drawn up, but Mooney still let a golden opportunity flounder.

With his contract up after this season, Mooney isn't just playing for his future in Chicago. He's playing for his next pay day, no matter where it might be. Starting this weekend against Arizona, he'll really need to take advantage of every opportunity.