5 things Chicago Bears need to increase top picks value

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Bryce Young, Chicago Bears
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4. Will Chicago Bears benefit if a quarterback fades out?

On the exact flip side of the recent slide, the Chicago Bears do want someone to stand out, but even more than that it would help if a name or two dropped down. Maybe the size concerns on Bryce Young prove out to be too much. What if he weighs lighter than expected and does not throw this week?

We saw Justin Fields go from everyone's second overall pick in mock drafts to falling out of the top 10. Does the same happen to C.J. Stroud because that offensive system is so easy?

The two names more likely to fall out are Will Levis and Anthony Richardson. Both have serious bust potential. The Chicago Bears would probably be happy if one of these became the no doubt high upside bet, but it would also help if the other just fell on his face and fell down boards.

This is all about supply and demand. If the Texans know they like two quarterbacks, they are out on the number one overall talks. If the Colts know that Chicago and Arizona are not going quarterbacks, they could be in the same boat.

Once those teams are out, Chicago is now looking outside the top five, and teams are also looking and saying that the demand is dropping. If a team like the Panthers falls for Will Levis and knows that Stroud and Young will go in the top five, they could sit tight and feel pretty good. The same can be said for a different team that likes Anthony Richardson. They cannot have teams thinking that they can sit tight and still get a solid option.

If one name stands out as the clear cut guy, one name fades out of this discussion, and one guy is viewed as a consolation, it makes the prize so much more valuable.