Did Chicago Bears indicate they will not add RB in 2023 NFL draft?

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If you are looking at needs for the Chicago Bears, do not look to running back. At the very least, do not look for them to draft one until day three, and probably not at all. When the team let David Montgomery go, there were questions about if the team would bring in a real replacement, or even draft Bijan Robinson.

Do not expect Chicago Bears to draft a running back

However, when Ryan Poles met with the media he made it very clear that this running back room is exactly how they want it to be.

"“I think it’s healthy to have a two-back system, guys that can rotate in and out, different styles like we’ve had before where one would kind of be more physical, downhill guy and then the other can pop long runs and be explosive. We’ll continue to do that and hopefully have success there.”"

Ryan Poles

They have the pop and long runs from Herbert. They added the downhill and physical guy in D'Onta Foreman. Both of these backs have a weakness in the passing game. They happened to add a passing down back in Travis Homer.

The reality is that if Ryan Poles is the Chicago Bears GM, they will not pay up for running back, and they will rotate two, and sometimes three guys. The days of the Chicago Bears having a workhorse who gets 30 touches, is on everyone's fantasy team, and sells jerseys are over. Buy a D.J. Moore jersey.

Fans will say that Travis Homer has not proven enough in his four years with the Seahawks, and the team could still add a passing down back. That is possible, but that is already a minor role, so it will be a late-round pick at best, and while Homer has not proven much, he did get to his second contract in the NFL. Can a seventh-round pick beat him out? Beyond that, they are paying Homer for what he can do, not what he did not do, that is why they sign free agents off their first deal, not big names who do not live up to their deal.

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The Chicago Bears are highly unlikely to draft a running back at any point in the 2023 NFL draft. Maybe the best pass blocker who is a UDFA signs with them, that is the only rookie who could come into this room.