4 reasons the Chicago Bears should not trade for Jonathan Taylor

Chicago Bears, Jonathan Taylor
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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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The timing for a Jonathan Taylor trade isn't right for the Chicago Bears

Football is the most violent of the major sports, but it is also perhaps the most cerebral. The full-contact chess match that plays out each Sunday often comes down to which team's gameplan is better, which is why coaches like Bill Belichick and Andy Reid have found such success over the years.

Adding Jonathan Taylor to the mix shortly before Week 1 throws a monkey wrench in the Bears' ability to be fully prepared for the Packers, a game that will have outsized importance for the future of the NFC North in the wake of Aaron Rodgers' departure. Offensive coordinator Luke Getsy has spent this offseason preparing his offense with Khalil Herbert, D'Onta Foreman, and Roschon Johnson in mind, tailoring it to their strengths.

I'm sure Taylor can get assimilated quickly, but how would his addition affect the locker room? Most importantly, how would it affect Justin Fields? The Bears will go where Fields takes them, and changing his main backfield partner right before the season opener isn't a move that will help his development, or his ability to make the leap into superstardom that Bears fans are hoping for.

Bears fans, do you want to take four weeks or more to allow the offense to click? Aspirations are too high. The 2023 season is supposed to be the first step forward for this franchise, and the defense isn't ready to carry the team yet. Justin Fields and company will need to put up points early and often for the Bears to compete. Don't set them back before the season even begins.