4 landing spots for Justin Fields after Steelers sign Russell Wilson

Where does JF1 land now that the Steelers have their QB?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Denver Broncos

It was evident, early on, that Sean Payton and Russell Wilson weren't going to co-exist. You could tell something was off with that relationship. Now, would the Denver Broncos really entertain a trade for Fields after parting with a 9-time Pro Bowl quarterback like Wilson? It's tough to see, but it's a possibliity.

Denver is picking at no. 12 overall in the draft, and without a whole lot of financial resources and looking at having given up a ton for Wilson in that trade two years ago, their options are limited. If they stuck with pick no. 12 and settled for someone like Nix or Penix, assuming Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels and even J.J. McCarthy are off the board, that could be their best option.

Or, they could opt to try and trade for Fields. The one question I would have, though, with this scenario, is whether or not Fields has what Payton is looking for. There was a report, recently, that stated Payton wanted a quarterback who was a quick processor. Obviously, Bears fans know that isn't a huge strength within Fields' game. So, is he a realistic option for the Broncos? Maybe, just maybe, he is, if there are no other options.