National analyst not thrilled with comments by Bears quarterback, Justin Fields

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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If you have not heard Justin Fields' interview last week with CBS Sports, it's definitely worth a listen. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoyed what Justin Fields had to say. We have already heard Colin Cowherd trash Fields in the past, to quickly change his tune not long after. Well, he's back to the trash talk again and it's honestly quite ridiculous. Cowherd is not thrilled with the Chicago Bears quarterback because of some recent comments he made. Now, Cowherd is throwing the word bust around in regard to Fields. C'mon, man!

It seems that the biggest issue Cowherd had with Justin Fields was his confidence -- something Cowherd equated to ego. During his interview, Justin Fields was asked to name who he believes to be the five best running quarterbacks in NFL history. Bryant McFadden of All Things Covered, told Fields that he could include himself. Fields responded quickly, stating, "Oh, I am. Because I definitely think I am." He then listed four other quarterbacks in no particular order.

Chicago Bears quarterback, Justin Fields lists his top five rushing QBs

Here is his full list:

1. Justin Fields

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

2. Mike Vick

Chicago Bears, Michael Vick
Chicago Bears, Mike Vick / Rex Brown/GettyImages

3. Cam Newton

Chicago Bears, Cam Newton
Chicago Bears, Cam Newton / Kelsey Grant/GettyImages

4. Lamar Jackson

Chicago Bears, Lamar Jackson
Chicago Bears, Lamar Jackson / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

5. Steve Young

Chicago Bears, Steve Young
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Last season, Justin Fields was 64 yards short of breaking Lamar Jackson's single-season QB rushing record -- a feat that Jackson reached in his second year in the NFL. The same amount of time it took Justin Fields to reach that plateau with the Chicago Bears. I'm sure Colin Cowherd thought that Jackson was a top-running quarterback at that point, yet he doesn't like that Fields is putting himself in that category. Strange.

Cowherd's exact comment on the matter was that Justin Fields "lacks self-awareness," but what he's really saying is that he has an ego and that he shouldn't be putting himself in that category because he hasn't earned enough yet. Cowherd even had the audacity to lump Fields in with guys like Johnny Manziel and Baker Mayfield. He then calls Fields a bust. Here is more of Cowherd's quote:

"I don't think he's one of the top five running quarterbacks. You get banged up, can't win games. It's not the end of the world. MVP, MVP, 4-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl winner . . . bust. I've always been 60/40 that Justin Fields is going to succeed. I'm coming back 5 percent. Lacks a little self-awareness."

Colin Cowherd, Fox Sports

Cowherd kept talking about how he just wanted a different answer. He kept saying had Justin Fields used Russell Wilson instead of himself, he'd view him differently. To use himself, a quarterback who hasn't accomplished enough or hasn't won enough was ego-driven in his eyes. He kept mentioning how Justin Fields is only 5-20 in his career like wins is a quarterback stat and not a team stat. He ignores how bad the offense was around him last season. The reality is, Cowherd was looking for views and clicks at a time of the season when there is very little to discuss.

Russell Wilson has only one season of over 580 rushing yards. He ran for 849 yards and six touchdowns in 2014. Fields ran for 1,143 yards and eight touchdowns last season. In only 12 games in his rookie year, Fields rushed for 420 yards and two touchdowns. He is clearly a better running quarterback than Russell Wilson. Had Cowherd said someone like Josh Allen or maybe Randall Cunningham, I could somewhat see it, but Wilson? C'mon, man!

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Justin Fields has plenty to prove this year, but his ability to run is not anything anyone should question. Not to mention, Justin Fields has not shown any signs of being ego-centric. This is an awful take and Colin Cowherd should leave the Chicago Bears quarterback alone.