Justin Fields cracks NFL Top 100 list after second year with the Chicago Bears

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Justin Fields earned plenty of respect due to a lack of weapons

With a lack of great receiving options to target and defensive pressure in his face constantly, Fields overcame a lot of obstacles en route to being the NFL's seventh-leading rusher on the year. Fields was the only quarterback in the top 32 rushers in terms of yardage last season. His total of 1,143 rushing yards is second-best for a quarterback in a season, only behind Lamar Jackson's MVP-winning 2019 season, where he posted just over 1,200 yards on the ground (a feat made even more impressive because Fields missed two games throughout the season).

In 2022, Fields let his athleticism shine throughout the latter parts of the season, mostly out of necessity, and he was able to turn in seven games with over 80 yards on the ground, with six games going for over 250 total offensive yards.

The unfortunate part of the NFL Top 100, and with any similar listing of players, is that it is 100% subjective, despite being backed by NFL players. In terms of future success, this list means little to nothing outside of the recognition by one's peers, but it is undeniably exciting to see the league take notice of a player that we saw reinvent Chicago Bears' offensive football during the back end of the 2022 season.