Justin Fields cracks NFL Top 100 list after second year with the Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears are hoping to see Justin Fields highly ranked every season

Hopefully, Fields can continue to climb this list with a better group of talent around him in 2023, but this recognition is impressive when calculating the fact that the Bears leading receiver last year, Cole Kmet, finished the season shy of 550 yards. With an improved passing attack next season, Fields should continue to gain a reputation around the league as a dynamic playmaker and boost the Bears' win total from a season ago.

Currently, the only other quarterback revealed, outside of Lawrence, is Miami's Tua Tagovailoa, who ranks 82nd overall. By the time #1 is revealed (who will almost undoubtedly be either Patrick Mahomes or Jalen Hurts, with the runner-up likely finishing second) it will be very interesting to see how high Fields ranks amongst the league in terms of quarterbacks alone.


The official airing of #90 - 81 air tonight on NFL Network, where fans will get the opportunity to hear current NFL players talk about Fields' season, and what earned him such a high mark across the league. However, here is an unofficial airing of the Justin Fields segment.