9 most likely trade partners for Chicago Bears to send Justin Fields

DraftKings released the odds for which team Justin Fields will play for next season, and the Chicago Bears are first. Which other teams are in the running?

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Chicago Bears trade partner No. 6: New England Patriots (+1600 odds)

In all honesty, this is one of my favorite destinations for Fields, especially if New England can land Marvin Harrison Jr. with their first-round pick.

Hiring Jerrod Mayo as the head coach makes this team less of an ideal destination, but it's not like Bill Belichick was the world's most renowned offensive mind. Justin Fields likely needs an innovative offensive mind alongside him if he wants to make it in the NFL, or at least if he wants to figure out what's necessary to succeed in the league. Once he figures out a way to be consistent, Fields can be a really special player in this league.

The Patriots also got to see one of the best versions of Justin Fields in their Monday Night Football matchup in Week 7 of 2022. There could've been something the Patriots saw in that game that made them believe he could make their team better.

The New England Patriots are my sleeper team for landing Justin Fields in a trade with the Chicago Bears. If I were a betting man, the 16:1 odds would be tempting. Whether it happens, who knows? If it does, however, expect a victory lap from me.

Chicago Bears trade partner No. 5: Pittsburgh Steelers (+1600 odds)

This is another team I see making sense for Justin Fields. There's smoke between the two teams, and where there's smoke, there could be fire— maybe.

The Steelers have a nice roster, especially offensively. Yet, their offense stalled with the rotation of quarterbacks Pittsburgh had to go with. Kenny Pickett, Mitchell Trubisky, and Mason Rudolph aren't necessarily the cream of the crop at the quarterback position, but would Justin Fields be a big enough upgrade to warrant them trading for him?

While the fit makes sense offensively, there's not a whole lot of certainty on whether Mike Tomlin wants to bring in a new quarterback to battle it out with the other three on the roster. He could want to roll with what he's got.

If he wants someone new at quarterback, however, Justin Fields could be the guy.

Chicago Bears trade partner No. 4: Denver Broncos (+1600 odds)

Unlike the other two teams in this group, this doesn't make as much sense to me.

Sean Payton doesn't strike me as the coach who wants a quarterback with a skill set that doesn't begin and end with pocket passing and elite processing. Considering the similarities between the way Russell Wilson and Justin Fields play quarterback, I personally don't see Payton making this move, given the struggles Payton's had with Wilson.

A quarterback who makes a lot more sense for the Broncos would be J.J. McCarthy. McCarthy seems like he was made in a lab for Sean Payton, so I wouldn't expect to see Justin Fields in a different shade of blue and orange from the Chicago Bears.