3 Teams that should call the Chicago Bears about trading for Justin Fields

Many fans are calling for the Chicago Bears to trade Justin Fields. Only three teams come to mind that could possibly be interested and have draft capital to make it happen.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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Before we even get into this, I want to make it known that I do not want to see the Chicago Bears trade Justin Fields. I still have hope that he can turn things around with a competent coach. The problem is, I don't think he's going to find that here. At least not any time soon and then it might be too late. The Chicago Bears are in a tough spot. When you lose 13 games in a row and hold a 3-17 record over the last 20 games, fans and the media are going to circle the waters like sharks looking for blood. Winning can cure things, but losing in this fashion should cause some heads to roll.

3 teams should consider calling the Chicago Bears about Justin Fields

The hype surrounding this team and Justin Fields was strong heading into the season. This is of course when every fan base believes their team can achieve more than they probably will, but even with a realistic approach, I thought the Chicago Bears would finish with between six and eight wins. The schedule is weak and Justin Fields was supposed to make a jump with the addition of DJ Moore and rookie right tackle, Darnell Wright. Instead, we have seen regression.

Now, I also have to point out two other things. The Chicago Bears are highly unlikely to trade Justin Fields at this point. That said, if I was a general manager for a few specific franchises, I'd at least be calling Ryan Poles to see what it might cost to take Justin Fields off the Bears' hands. Second, the only reason I am writing this is because many fans are calling for a Justin Fields trade to happen. Yep, we have already gotten to that point only three weeks into the season. Yikes.

Alright, here are the three teams I could see possibly interested and what they have to offer.