4 Justin Fields trades the Bears might have to settle for

A Justin Fields trade might not end the way Bears fans had originally hoped.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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In an offseason that revolves around the Chicago Bears, we might be close to a decision at quarterback.

But, that decision isn't going to sit well with fans of Justin Fields.

We've now seen several reports, following the NFL Combine, stating that the trade market for Fields isn't as robust as the Bears would have liked. At one point, it was safe to say the Bears could have potentially gotten a late first-round pick or, at the very least, a second rounder in exchange for Fields.

But now? We're likely looking much lower than that. A lot of outlets are reporting a combination of a Day 2 and a Day 3 pick, but what are the odds that Day 2 pick comes in the second round?

If Chicago has to "settle" for a Fields trade, they might be looking at a deal like one of the following.

Trade Number 1 with the Pittsburgh Steelers

First up is a destination where a lot of Fields fans would end up happy. If he's not in Chicago, Fields could thrive in a place like Pittsburgh where he'd play for Mike Tomlin. Remember, Tomlin is a big fan of Fields and, despite conflicting reports and rumors over the last few weeks, the Steelers might still be in play, here.

And, they'd get him cheaper than they may have thought even a few weeks ago.

Steelers trade

In this deal, the Bears get a third rounder and sixth rounder coming in this year. That gives the Bears two picks in the third round, now, and five total picks coming in the top 84 picks overall. They also recoup a Day 3 pick which they're currently completely out of, but we know the draft won't end that way with a general manager like Poles.