4 Justin Fields trades the Bears might have to settle for

A Justin Fields trade might not end the way Bears fans had originally hoped.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports
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Trade Number 2 with the Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are another team that have found themselves entered into the Fields rumor mill, and they currently possess the no. 13 pick in the draft. By that time, most would assume the top four quarterbacks are all gone (J.J. McCarthy being number four). That leaves the Raiders with options like Bo Nix or Michael Penix Jr., or maybe they already signed a veteran like Russell Wilson.

But, if a Fields trade ends up being their route, the Raiders will likely end up getting him cheaper than they originally thought. Las Vegas would only have to give up a third rounder and a fifth rounder, in this instance.

Raiders trade

In Vegas, Fields would then be throwing the ball to one of the best wide receivers in the game, Davante Adams. He'd also have a former Georgia Bulldog in the back field, in Zamir White. Before breaking out at Ohio State, Fields was enrolled at Georgia, so they'd have a connection there.