4 Justin Fields trades the Bears might have to settle for

A Justin Fields trade might not end the way Bears fans had originally hoped.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Trade Number 3 with the Atlanta Falcons

Of course, the Falcons have long been a rumored destination for Fields and it's easy to see why. Atlanta needs a quarterback. Desmond Ridder and Taylor Heinicke haven't cut it. Fields, meanwhile, would look real good in a back field with the likes of Bijan Robinson. Fields is also a native of Georgia, of course.

If the Falcons presented the Bears with a trade that could be labeled as Chicago "settling," it might look like this.

Falcons trade

No longer would the Bears be looking at getting the Falcons' first rounder at no. 8 like Mel Kiper Jr. once alluded to. They wouldn't even be getting a second rounder. Instead, Atlanta gives up the no. 74 selection which comes in the third round, plus the Bears also get a Day 3 pick coming at no. 142 in the fifth round.

But, Chicago also sends back a future sixth rounder to Atlanta in the trade. Who would have seen that coming?