Somehow the Keenan Allen trade keeps getting better for Bears fans

Chargers fans, look away.

Chicago Bears, Keenan Allen
Chicago Bears, Keenan Allen / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

The majority of Chicago Bears fans were pleasantly surprised to find out the team had traded for wide receiver Keenan Allen just a short while ago.

Not long after the trade was completed, Allen hinted at working out a long-term extension with Chicago, to keep him alongside D.J. Moore for the foreseeable future. This was yet another positive for Bears fans to celebrate.

Wednesday, Allen even showed up to USC quarterback Caleb Williams' pro day and made headlines when the Trojans product referenced the fact that Allen was "here," as in, Chicago. It seems as though Williams is already counting on he and Allen being teammates.

With all of the excitement around the Allen trade, though, it somehow continues to get better and better. New details on Thursday emerged, and it appears as though Allen chose the Bears.

Keenan Allen gut-punched the Chargers on his way out of Los Angeles

So the Chargers didn't just decide to rid themselves of Allen in order to save some money. In fact, they even approached the Pro Bowl wide receiver with multiple options, including a contract extension that would have kept him in L.A.

Instead, Allen declined to sign an extension. He must have wanted out.

Or, he wanted to go play with Caleb Williams, whom he's had a friendship with even prior to the trade.

The Bears are going to be a good team, and it's going to be soon. This isn't just a pipe dream, anymore. Chicago is putting together a formidable roster, and they're doing so in preparation of adding one of the greatest quarterback prospects the league has seen in quite some time.

For Allen to choose to leave Los Angeles and already mention the idea of sticking around Chicago long-term speaks volumes. It speaks volumes about Williams. It speaks volumes about the Bears and Ryan Poles. It's nothing but one, huge positive.

Get used to more positivity, Bears fans. It doesn't come around often, and when it does, typically doesn't last long. But, I have a feeling this positivity is about to be something a whole lot different than Chicago has ever experienced before.