4 matchups to watch as the Chicago Bears take on the Washington Commanders in Week 5

The Bears and Commanders will both try to rebound from crushing losses in Week 4.
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears, Virginia McCaskey
Chicago Bears, Virginia McCaskey / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Chicago Bears ownership vs. Commanders ownership

Years of being led by Daniel Snyder, one of the worst owners (and people?) in professional sports, traumatized Washington fans into a collective hatred of their own team. Snyder is finally gone, though, and now that the team is owned by Josh Harris, the vibes are better in Washington than they have been in decades.

For Bears fans, relations with ownership are much more bleak. Virginia McCaskey, the 100-year-old daughter of George Halas, is still the team's principal owner, but after years of organizational failure and mismanagement from the McCaskey family, Bears fans have become fed up.

Mind you, McCaskey is still a far more preferable owner than Snyder, with his checkered history of workplace misconduct and dopey decisions, ever was, but all the same, Bears fans are tired of losing, and that starts at the top.

Seeing the Commanders emerge from a prolonged period of being one of the laughingstocks of the league is heartening for Bears fans, who now endure much the same pain after 14 consecutive losses, the Alan Williams saga, and the sight of Matt Eberflus unable to get his story straight with the media regarding Chase Claypool. The Bears have turned into a circus, but the Commanders are proof that one day, the big top will come down.


Playing the Thursday night game could be a blessing in disguise for many Bears fans who have come to dread having their Sundays ruined. Then again, showing off the Matt Eberflus brand of Bears football to a national audience isn't anyone's idea of a good time. Hopefully, this is the week things turn around, or someone else could be in charge when the Bears take on the Vikings next weekend.