Kyle Brandt viciously shuts down Caleb Williams critics in epic rant

The haters took a massive blow to the chin on this one.

Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

At this stage in the game, we can all but predict the future. The Chicago Bears haven't yet selected Caleb Williams with their no. 1 pick, but we know it's going to happen.

The Bears have been acting in a manner that insinuates Williams is already part of the organization, essentially. He's coming to Chicago.

And some fans hate it.

Can you imagine that? Bears fans up in arms about ... well, anything, really? It's the toxic trait among this fan base. We love to debate, criticize and argue about anything and everything. It's what we do when we're not used to a winning football team.

But, recently, some fans have taken to social media to throw critiques at Williams for a viral image and video of him appearing at a USC basketball game with painted fingernails and a pink phone case.

NFL Network's Kyle Brandt has had enough, and he let us all know on Thursday morning.

The image of Caleb Williams at USC's basketball game has been blown way out of proportion, and Kyle Brandt gets it

There's a lot to unpack in the above video, but Brandt essentially calls out a few different bad takes when it comes to the image of Williams going viral. One of them is as out-of-touch as you could possibly get:

"That's not gonna work in the locker room."

Brandt simply asks the fans who posted this if they know anyone personally in the Bears locker room. The answer is an obvious 'no.' For fans to assume they know what will and will not fly in the locker room is straight delusion.

Another take Brandt called out:

"He's too Hollywood for the NFL," to which Brandt went on to respond.

"Do you know what it's like to be 22 years old living in L.A. with some fame and some money in your pocket? It's intoxicating. You make some unconventional choices, believe me.

"Caleb has not made any mistakes. He is one of the very first, ever, self-made multimillionaire NFL prospects. He's living in the entertainment capital of the world 3,000 miles from where he grew up. He's one of the most visible athletes in a town that includes LeBron and Ohtani. And he never steps out of line. He never gets in trouble ... " Brandt went on.

Say what you want about the kid, but Brandt is right. He hasn't gotten in any trouble. He hasn't committed a crime, hung out with the wrong crowd or seen his name in connection to anything substance-related like many of today's athletes.

Williams is just a fun-loving dude who is his own person, and people hate him for it.

Toward the end of his rant, Brandt said something extremely raw, unfiltered and it couldn't be more true:

"You know what would be incredibly unusual? A Bears quarterback that wins a game anybody cares about."

I couldn't have said it any better, myself. If I'm a Bears fan, all I want is a great quarterback for the first time in 100-plus years. Give this team a real, legitimate, top-10 quarterback and a team that can contend for a Super Bowl.

If said quarterback has pink fingernails but throws a game-winning touchdown pass on the league's biggest stage with the ball coming off those pink fingernails, then so be it.