Who will be Chicago Bears leading rusher in the fantasy football playoffs?

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Pros and Cons to Chicago Bears leading with D’onta Foreman

So far this season D’onta Foreman has been the best running back on the Bears. According to SumerSports, he generates the most expected points on his carries, and his success rate is also the highest. Foreman also has the most missed tackles forced of this group. 

He brings more explosion than Johnson but can also take on the hits and plow forward a little better than Herbert. The issue is that he is clearly the worst passing-down player. The Bears avoid using him in pass protection, and he allowed as many pressures as Johnson on fewer snaps. 

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He has the lowest yards per route run and is the worst both on screens and on non-screen plays. Beyond that, he is the one coming back from an injury. Injuries have plagued his career, and injuries are the reason why he is not signed beyond this year. Even Herbert has more team ties to the Bears due to his contract keeping him here next season. What do the Bears get out of playing Foreman more down the stretch?