The Chicago Bears leaked what Justin Fields must do to be annointed the franchise QB

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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The Chicago Bears finally showed fans just how close they are. The problem is, the coaching staff is too scared to put the pedal to the metal and stay aggressive. In fact, the team lost in a historic fashion (more on that in another article) to the Lions on Sunday. Had the Bears come out of Detroit with a convincing win, it's possible that Matt Eberflus and Justin Fields could have swayed some of their detractors. Instead, we are back to where we were prior to kickoff -- frustrated and angry.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I am not sure how many Chicago Bears fans you will find who admit they are truly thankful for anything regarding this franchise. Maybe the optimists out there who love the color scheme and logo will give you some type of thanks. Maybe those over the age of 50 will speak to how thankful they are to remember when this team was actually worthy of being on a football field. Most Chicago Bears fans today have dealt with mediocrity and straight up garbage for over 30 years.

The Chicago Bears woes go beyond just a coaching problem

I can still remember when the Chicago Bears traded for Jay Cutler back in 2009. The Bears made a move that many thought could lead this team to the promised land. Quarterback has never been a strong suit for this organization. Even Jim McMahon was overrated as a true quarterback. Jay Cutler was coming off of a Pro Bowl season where he threw for over 4,500 yards. Mind you, no quarterback in Chicago Bears history has eclipsed the 4,000-passing yard mark. April 2, 2009, was supposed to be "Happy Jay Cutler Day" in Chicago. The Bears were decent for a bit, but never good enough.