3 Chicago Bears looking to prove they belong as starters in 2024

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2. The Chicago Bears could re-sign Justin Jones 

Justin Jones will be a free agent at the end of this season. So, he will not only be playing for the chance to earn a contract from another team but also showing the Bears why he deserves to stick around on their roster. Earlier in the year, it felt like a done deal that he would move on. 

However, while Gervon Dexter has played well, the Bears still do not trust him on run-downs, so there is a question as to whether he will start or remain rotational next year. Beyond that, Zacch Pickens has hardly shown any flashes or reason to think that he should be trusted in a rotation next year. 

If the Bears still believe in these two taking a step, they will probably look elsewhere, perhaps at a late-round pick to fill the fourth spot. However, if the run defense finishes strong with Jones and the Bears do not find much progress from Dexter and Pickens over the next two weeks, there is a chance that the two sides work out a one-year that keeps Jones in the mix while they get a longer look at their draft picks.